About Us

Garnet District is an art-directed store that fit our vision of the fashion universe. The "Garnet District" is a creative place for like-minded people who do not shy away from attention and look for new styling ideas to include luxury lingerie and boudoir-inspired couture clothing in an everyday outfit that could be worn on the street. Our mission is to deliver a vision of femininity that embraces sensuality and fierceness. 

We believe that lingerie is the antithesis of what it’s supposed to be, and dismiss the idea that lingerie should solely be worn as undergarments in private environments reserved for the eye of a lucky few.
Instead, we aim at breaking the notion of appropriateness of clothing and surpassing the limit of social expectations.

With a carefully selected and cohesive range of exquisite pieces from small independent brands and artisans, Garnet District offers a platform for inspiration and provides an art-directed shopping experience.

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